Shooting Star Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
UserMadeline Sycamore
Debut (Anime)Episode 55: The Self-Proclaimed Princess VS The Real Princess
Debut (DCD)Part 6
Shooting Star Coord (スターシューティングコーデ Shūtingu Sutā Kōde) is a sexy-type rare coord from Crystal Queen. It is seen in the anime during Azami and Madeline's duel in the fifth episode of the second season of Aikatsu: Passion Stars!


Shooting Star One-piece

A dress that starts out with a top that is light blue with dark blue designs. A white belt is at the waist and is decorated with three five point stars: one in light orange to the right, a lavender star to the left, and a cyan star at the center of the belt. The dress's skirt is mostly bright orange with lavender fabric also strewn about.

Shooting Star Sandals

Gold sandals that have a thick cyan band, which is decorated with four small stars, two on each side: cyan and silver on the left side, and orange and magenta on the right. Attached to the front and back of each ankle is a fancy but short curling design that appears to be gold from the front, but is plum on the back.

Pop Star Headband

A white headband with four gem stars on it, one pink, one blue, one orange, and one yellow. Pearl dangle earrings shaped like circles are included, each with the same four stars but in much smaller gems.