MembersShizuka Rikimaru, Eri Ogawa, Hana Hīragi

"Passionate Happy Smile!" - the unit's catchphrase

Smile★ (スマイル★ Sumairu) is an idol unit composed of Shizuka Rikimaru, Eri Ogawa, and Hana Hīragi. The unit was first formed in Episode 10, gained a member in Episode 15, and finally had their debut in Episode 19.



Smile★ was first formed as a duo unit between Eri and Hana. They had their first couple of performances without any problems, but wasn't one of the units in the spotlight. As such, they figured that they needed an extra member, and went on a short hiatus until they could find one.

A few weeks later, Shizuka had completed the challenge of designing and debuting her first premium rare, the two had given her and joined their unit as the third member. They soon after assigned jobs to one another: Hana would be in charge of PR for the unit, Shizuka would be in charge of designing coords, and Eri would be the unit's producer.

Debut Live

A couple of days after the girls had a meeting about the unit, they debuted with a performance of their new song Happy♥Sunny♥Days.

Unit Dresses


  • Happy♥Sunny♥Days