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Soulful Seoul Logo

Soulful Seoul (ソウルフルソウル) is a cool type brand. The top designer is Nonaka Shingeru and is Yunho Jin's and Miki Arashiame's favorite brand.


This brand is inspired by J-Pop and K-Pop's music stars and their fashion, and targets both boys and girls who wanted to become idols, especially Aikatsu idols. The theme of this brand and the target audience have letted the brand become a popular Aikatsu brand.

Known Users:

  • Yunho Jin
  • Miki Arashiame

Series Appearances:


  • Taboo Genie Coord (Rare)
  • Pearly Romantic Love Coord (Premium Rare)
  • Traditional Hanbok Coord (Premium Rare
  • Pinky-Gee Coord (Normal)

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