Sparkling Star Coord
BrandBeautiful Shine
UserAzami Nakamura
Sparkling Star Coord (スパークリングスターコーデ Supākuringu Sutā Kōde) is a sexy-type rare coord from Beautiful Shine. It is seen in the anime during Azami and Madeline's duel in the fifth episode of the second season of Aikatsu: Passion Stars!.


Sparkling Star One-piece

A dress that starts out with a top that is light red with dark red designs. A black belt is at the waist and is decorated with three five point stars: a gold star to the right, a purple star to the left, and a blue star at the center of the belt. The dress's skirt is mostly light blue with silver fabric also strewn about. It also comes with a black choker with a small amethyst to the left, a small diamond at the center, and a small ruby to the right.

Sparkling Star Sandals

Silver sandals that have a thick indigo band, which is decorated with a small stars, two on each side: blue and gold on the left side, and vermilion and orchid on the right. Attached to the front and back of each ankle is a fancy but short curling design that is Egyptian blue from the front and orchid on the back. It also comes with an orchid and gold leg accessory.

Superstar Headband

A black headband with four gem stars on it: one magenta, one Egyptian blue, one vermilion, and one yellow chiffon. Silver dangle earrings shaped like moons are included, each with the same four stars but in much smaller gems.

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