Spice Butterfly Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 5
Spice Butterfly Coord (スパイスバタフライコーデ) is a sexy type rare coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Spice Butterfly Jacket

A white tank top worn underneath a glittering raspberry and purple gradient jacket. Strewn along it are two chains of tiny gold beads alternating between pastel stones. Sewn to the left side of the chest is a magenta and gold butterfly. Comes with a three-layer gold necklace ornament with two purple stones surrounding a single red, each with a gold or red droplet stone hanging from it, as well as multi-layered feathery sleeves beneath each shoulder in a gradient of dark red to crimson.

Spice Butterfly Skirt

A three layer skirt. The three layers are a gradient of red to orange with a gold glittery butterfly design. Around the waist is a black leather belt with a magenta and gold butterfly charm, decorated with a small amethyst on each of the top wings.

Spice Butterfly Pumps

Glittery burnt orange pumps with a dark purple heel. Emeralds line the left side of the heel while amethysts line the right.