Spicy Sweetie is a sexy type brand (formerly cute) that was first seen in Episode of Aikatsu! 5. The brand's top designer is Chibiko. Its main users are Kokoro Mitsugi and Miho Homura. The brand's special appeal is Heart Rouge.


A spicy doll, mixed with the sweet and feelings of love. Sexy, gorgeous, and bright, but still with that hidden spark of cuteness that every romantic girl desires and deserves. Be the loveliest, most beautiful sweet devil you can imagine!

Known Users




Normal: ★

Rare: ★★

Premium Rare ★★★

  • Aphrodite Flame Coord ★★★
  • Volcanic Devlish Coord★★★
  • Autunm Romancer Coord ★★
  • Blueberry Gothic Coord ★★
  • Strawberry Gothic Coord ★★
  • Lone Light Coord ★
  • Bronze Queen Coord ★

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