Spring Blossom Magic Coord
RarityPremium Rare
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 1: The Middle Child's Rise to Fame
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
Spring Blossom Magic Coord (スプリングブロソムマジックコーデ Supuringu Burosomu Majikku Kōde) is a premium rare, cute type coord from Magical Seasons. It is Haru's Four Seasons coord.


Spring Blossom Magic Top

A blouse made of folded, light green material with a low pale green flap to reveal a section of cloth roses, two leaves, and small tulips. Around the lower section is a tulip chain with a green and pink bow sewn to the corner. Two pieces of material hang from it, one dark pink pleat and one pale pink pleat. The sleeves are dark pink with tiny pearls applied to it. Included is a pink pearl necklace with tiny golden flower petals and tulip bracelets with a small white flower.

Spring Blossom Magic Skirt

The skirt has gradient material. The top half is dark pink, fading to pale pink, then a yellow and green floral scenery mid-way down. The hem is sewn with a piece of pale white pleat, while slightly puffed tulips made of cloth are sewn around the bottom, coming in pink, red, white, and purple. Beneath the waistband is a brown and gold bow.

Spring Blossom Magic Boots

Pink boots with gold toe and sole. Several purple, pale pink, white, and red tulips adorn it, along with tiny light brown bows. Pale gold-white gradient pieces of material is worn on top of the leg portion, held with a red velvet ribbon. The material is folded at the center to reveal white with pale pink lace trim cloth attached to a pale pink tulip, a red tulip, a single leaf, and a white daisy. Above the left ankle is a light brown bow.

Spring Blossom Magic Headband

A thin brown headband adorned with an orange tulip, a purple tulip, a white daisy, a red rose, and a pink rose. In the corner is are two pearls surrounding a crystal diamond. Included are bright pink tulip-shaped stud earrings lined with three small gold beads and a single leaf.