Star☆Anis Shine!
LeaderIchigo Hoshimiya
StatusActive; Temporary

This article is about the unit. If you are looking for the series, click here: Star☆Anis Shine!

Star☆Anis Shine! is an idol unit made up of eight idol students, all from Starlight School, created as a revival group for a unit of years' past: STAR☆ANIS. The unit consists of Ichigo Hoshimiya, Aoi Kiriya, Ran Shibuki, Otome Arisugawa, Yurika Todo, Sakura Kitaoji, Kaede Ichinose and Akari Oozora.


A Forgotten Shine

One night, the Soleil trio is out looking up at the stars, when Ichigo brings up STAR☆ANIS, due to the night sky reminding her of the unit. The three of them talk for a while longer until Ichigo, with an excited look on her face, gets the idea that they should reform STAR☆ANIS. Although its sudden, Aoi and Ran both agree that's just Ichigo's way of doing things, and both agree to the reformation.

New Era

The morning afterwards, Ichigo tells the rest of her friends about her idea, to which they all respond positively. Yurika then spots a small problem with the idea: There's only 7 of them, and the original STAR☆ANIS had 8 members. Ichigo solves this problem by inviting Akari to join them, much to her shock and delight. She says yes, and the new STAR☆ANIS is formed. To celebrate this change, the girls come up with a name for this revival project: Star☆Anis Shine!

Unit Information


Unit Dresses

  • Pink Memory Star Coord (Ichigo)
  • Blue Memory Star Coord (Aoi)
  • Purple Memory Star Coord (Ran)
  • Yellow Memory Star Coord (Otome)
  • Green Memory Star Coord (Yurika)
  • Lime Memory Star Coord (Sakura)
  • Orange Memory Star Coord (Kaede)
  • Apricot Memory Star Coord (Akari)



  • Star☆Anis Stage
  • Girly Room Stage


  • The reason why Mizuki was not included in the unit was because the unit's original purpose was to bring idols from Starlight Academy's up and coming units together. When this unit was created, Mizuki was no longer attending Starlight Academy.