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Star Princess (スタープリンセス Sutā Purinsesu) is a new Aikatsu! brand appearing in Aikatsu! Heart♡. The brand is mostly used by Masami Amanogawa. The concept of the brand is mostly Greek mythology, having the dresses based on the powers of the Greek gods. The designer of this brand is Aimi Nagamiya. The brand's special appeal is called Infinite Power.


"Star Princess" is a brand that is based on the powers of the gods from Greek mythology. It makes wearers look stylish and beautiful with its elegant and powerful designs.

Brand Concept

A brand that has been launched by one of the previous Starlight Queens, a sexy and stylish goddess appears whenever on stage. When it's time to perform a mature and elegant concert, this brand is the only choice!

Known Users

Top Designer

The top designer is Aimi Nagamiya. She was once an idol from Starlight Academy, and was given the title of "Starlight Queen". She is very kind, and appears to be friends with Orihime Mitsuishi. She has yet to appear in the anime.


Known Coords

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