The Star Queen Palace (スタークイーンパレス Sutā Kuīn Paresu) is a manor used by the current Star Queen to live in. It is on Shooting Star Academy's campus and is located next to the middle school building.


Every time the palace's owner is changed, a new name is given to it with the format being the Star Queen's name and a term that is similar to palace.


The manor's outside is white and cherry blossom pink. It is large with many windows and one balcony. The small gate leading to it is dark pink and made of wood, and a dirt path leads to the entrance. There are a lot of cherry trees around the manor.

The first floor is a meeting area and is like a living room. It has a beige tatami floor, a cherry blossom pink sofa, a small coffee table, a few chairs, and dark pink curtains. It is where the Star Queen and her guests can relax, socialize, and meet.

The second floor is a lesson and fitting/dressing room where the Star Queen can work on and practice her dancing and singing. The Aikara function on the Aikatsu Phone Plus is accessible in the room, so the Star Queen can time her dancing and singing to the song's backing track with the desired coord if she chooses to do so.

The third floor is the Star Queen's bedroom. It has the color scheme of the idol's choosing, a queen-sized bed, a nightstand, a flat screen TV that allows the Star Queen to watch any TV show or movie she wants, cell phone and laptop chargers, internet access, and it connects to an elaborately designed balcony made of wood that overlooks the school garden which is at the back at the manor. There is also a large table with a parasol or umbrella depending on the weather so that the Star Queen can sit outside and relax, read, use the Aikatsu Phone Plus, or eat a meal or snack.

The basement is a special appeal room that features a large trampoline and is also a training room, so the Star Queen can practice her jumps and special appeals.


  • There are maids and butlers who work at the Star Queen Palace, deliver meals, beverages, and even snacks to the Star Queen, help the Star Queen entertain guests, tend to the Star Queen's wants and needs, and keep the Star Queen Palace clean.

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