Starlight Mademoiselle (スターライトマドモアゼル) is an Aikatsu! card brand that designs coords filled with jewels, stars, and elegance. The top designer is Himeka Kaneshiro.


A very famous and prestigious brand. The top designer is well known around the world for being very hard to please; However, if you manage please her once, her attitude towards you changes drastically, and she is glad to see you whenever you visit her office.


It is the brand which is luxurious, only fit for the eternal legends of the Aikatsu world. With dresses that are only appropriate for the idol queen, new legends will be created when an idol wearing these coords steps upon the stage.

Top Designer

The top designer of this brand is Himeka Kaneshiro. She is very famous among idols and their fans for being very hard to please. She first appeared in episode 50 giving Madeline the Diamond Neptune Coord.


Neptune's Diamonds

Himeka's search for legendary idols led her to Madeline Sycamore's final performance before the Polaris Champion coord. Himeka was seen watching the live, commenting that she had finally found "the one." After the live ended, Himeka gave Madeline the coord, which she said should "take care of her legend." Madeline was visibly honored and humbled by this, even revealing that she was intimidated when the meeting between the two had ended.


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