Sugar Lollipop Coord
First Appearance (Anime)???
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Manami Hanae
Sugar Lollipop Coord (シュガーロリポップコーデ Shugā Roripoppu Kōde) is a normal coord by the cute brand Sweet Lollipop. It shares its design with the Sugary Lollipop Coord.


Sugar Lollipop One-piece

A pastel pink dress with the top portion decorated with pastel blue scallop-shaped lining around the bottom with white sparkles and matching frills lining the top of the chest. In the center of the torso is a white section of lace, lined in pastel blue with a bead design on it. A pale pink bow is sewn above the design and a larger dark pink bow is sewn to the left of the hip. The top portion of the skirt is the same color, but with thick, pastel yellow material bunched together with scallop-shaping. Several gems with a pearl finish are depicted on this part of skirt, coming in light blue, light purple, light pink, and light yellow dots and hearts. The remainder of the skirt is in three layers; the top is a pleat with lines all over it, the second is a semi-pleat depicting several multi-colored lollipops, and the last has a pattern of pink tiny dots. Comes with a pink choker that has white frills, a pale pink bow tied at the back, and ruffled, pale pink sleeve cuffs beneath the shoulder.

Sugar Lollipop Pumps

Dark pink pumps with a silver bottom and heel. On top of each foot is a white ribbon, tied into a bow with a pale yellow heart in the middle. Comes with sheer tights depicting a long tailed ribbon that comes in a gradient of pink, lavender, magenta, pale yellow, pale pink, and light pink. On top of each bow is a heart-shaped lollipop in the middle.