Chiaro di Luna Moon Sister Coord Sun Sister Coord

The Moon Sister Coord (サンシスターコーデ?) is a coord made by Black&White. It is the counterpart to the Moon Sister Coord. The coord is used by Tsukikawa Izumi and is the unit coord for Chiaro di Luna.



The coord consits of a two piece; a dark grey top with yellow colored sleeves that are styled to the sky and look like wings. A similar looking fabric is located over the ribbon on the top's chest. The ribbon is followed by orange-red cords. The cords make it look like the top is laced in the middle. The end of the top has a frilly layer and there are pink bracelets for each arm.

The skirt has the same color as the top and there is a yellow belt over the skirt that goes crossways over the skirt. Underneath the skirt is a second skirt that is orange colored. The shoes of this coord are black and include white stockings with brown rims at the end.

The Accesory looks like a star on a yellow ribbon.