Sunset Blossom (サンセットブロッサム Sansetto Burossamu) is a sexy type brand introduced in Aikatsu: Galaxy!. The main user and top designer of the brand is Shizuka Rikimaru. The brand's special appeal is Blooming Dawn. This brand made it's debut in Episode 2.



Sunset Blossom is a blossom that includes spicy, Spanish-inspired fashions, and adds the brand's own touch of mysterious charm to it. These clothes are filled with secretive passion, which is only added on to with the unique idea of using warm colors on elegant designs.

Known Users

  • Shizuka Rikimaru


Passionate Regal Sun

Shizuka signs up to take an audition where all the students in the designer course at Polaris Academy have a fashion show and debut their new brands, even though she hadn't even created one herself. That night, she searches for inspiration and comes across the brand Sangria Rosa. Combining the brand's Spanish designs with her ideal of a "spicy but mysterious" brand, she finally comes up with the perfect inspiration and creates the first coords for Sunset Blossom.



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