Sunset Shine Beach (サンセットシャインビーチ?) is a pop brand appearing in Aikatsu ☀ shining over heaven. It is mostly used by Himura Makoto, a student of Kaguya Academy. The concept of the brand is inspired by summer, ice cream, beach and water. The top designer of Sunset Shine Beach is Minazuki Yuna, a former idol of Kaguya Academy. The brand's appeal is called "Dolphin Ride".



Summer, beach, water, the most relaxing but also exciting time a year. With Sunset Shine Beach, this season never ends. Bring sunshine to the darkest winter nights. The party never ends!

Top Desinger

The top designer of Sunset Shine Beach is a 20 year old girl called Minazuki Yuna, who attended the Kaguya Academy and left it a few years ago. Inspired by the bright sun shining over everyone's heads, she decided to put her passion of the warm season into a brand which should inspire young idols to wish to shine like the sun.

Known Users





  • The concept of the brand appears similar to the canon brand ViVid Kiss.

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