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Surfer DREAM (サーファーDREAM Sāfā DREAM) is a new Aikatsu! brand appearing in Aikatsu! Heart♡. The brand is mostly used by Shinju Umino. The concept of the brand is mostly on surfing and the beach. The designer of this brand is Charlotte. The brand's special appeal is called Ocean Spiral.


"Surfer DREAM" is a surfing-based brand that was founded at Bondi Beach in Australia. It is designed to make wearers look laid-back and carefree with its chic designs.

Brand Concept

Founded in the sunny country, Australia, this brand gives the wearers a casual yet chic feeling, and it makes you want to dance your heart out! Lay back in the sun wearing our "surf's-up" outfits!

Known Users

Top Designer

The top designer is Charlotte. She is a popular surfer from Australia, who appears to be very easy-going. She has a tendency to speak reminiscent of a surfer or valley girl. She will also speak a bit of English at times, and is very easy to please. Charlotte has yet to appear in the anime.


Known Coords

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