Suzume Sena
雀 瀬名
Sena Suzume
SeasonAikatsu! 5
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorYellow
Suzume Sena (雀 瀬名) is the top designer of Majestic Tiara.


As a young girl, Suzume was always jealous of her older brother because of the attention that Tsubasa was getting because of his partnership with Angely Sugar's top designer, Asuka Amahane. So, she eventually started up her own brand, Majestic Tiara, as a rival for Dreamy Crown. While Tsubasa was debuting coords from his brand, she was creating her own, which were heavily inspired by brands like Love Queen and its evolved form Love Moonrise.

When Akari Oozora was revealed to be the "muse" of Dreamy Crown, Suzume decided to finally launch her brand under the name Majestic Tiara as a parallel to Dreamy Crown. It took about a year to finally get someone who wanted to wear the brand, but only because it wasn't as well known as brands such as Angely Sugar, Spicy Ageha, Loli Gothic and the like.


Suzume is a light skinned young lady who has short and wavy teal hair which she wears straight, and bright yellow eyes. She stands at about the same height as Tsukiko, despite being about three years older than her, meaning she's short for her age. She is usually seen wearing a hot pink T-shirt with the word Love on it, written in gold, as well as a black pleated skirt and pink high heels.


She is, just like her brother, very determined and passionate about fashion, and only wants the most regal of girls to wear her dresses, as she puts lots of loving care into them, especially the ones she designed before the brand's major debut.


  • Tsukiko Kanzaki

The so-called image girl of her brand, Suzume gets most of her inspiration from her and her idol activities, and Tsukiko sometimes helps her to come up with coord inspiration when she has designer's block. In season 6, she become's Majestic Tiara (and in turn, Suzume's) official muse.

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