Sweet Charm Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 10: Cutely Charming
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Manami Hanae
Sweet Charm Coord (スウィートチャームコーデ Sīto Chāmu Kōde) is a rare coord by the cute brand Sweet Lollipop. It is Manami Hanae's Cutely Charming unit coord.


Sweet Charm Top

A shiny light pink top with the material split down the center to reveal sky blue coloring. The sleeves are puffy with small dots printed around the cuff with a second, shiny gold layer beneath it. Pinned at the middle of the chest is a gold rectangle with a sapphire in it and a silver chain connected to the bottom, curving beneath the left side of the chest with a row of small crystals hanging from it. Comes with a gold bead necklace with tiny chains hanging from it and a single ruby in the middle, along with a gold bracelet for the right hand and two silver bracelets for the left.

Sweet Charm Skirt

A light pink skirt that wraps low in the middle, revealing a shiny gold tulle. Three chains circle the skirt, one pearl, one silver, and one gold. They connect to a gold rectangle with a dark blue stone on it and three hanging diamonds. There is also a pale pink petticoat underneath the skirt. On top of the right leg is a silver garter.

Sweet Charm Short Boots

Pink short boots with a with a beige bottom and white toe. A strip of pale beige and white stretches across the foot with a string X of pale pink is above it. Two fluffy white pom-poms are on top of the string, and on the top of the boots rests a single light pink bow with a gold piece in the center with a tiny ruby. White ruffles trace the cuff.

Sweet Charm Accessory

A mini hat of pale beige and light pink striping separated by thin white lines. The bottom is a thick white fluff with a pale pink bow attached to it. In the center is a gold heart split by two colors; one white and the other pink.