Sweet Cream Rabbit Coord
RaritySuper Premium Rare
Anime DebutAinochi!

Sweet Cream Rabbit Coord (スイート・クリーム・ラビット・コーデ?) is a Hanashi coord that appears in Ainochi!. The Sweet Cream Rabbit Coord is an SPR coord of the brand Decoring World and represents Alice from Alice in Wonderland.


Sweet Cream Rabbit Top

A pastel pink colored top with "DECOR" printed on it in white color. A pastel green vest is worn over the top. The top has blue frills at the end and is quite puffy. A bead chain is tied around the body, from shoulders to under the arms. The beads are colored in the colors pink, white, blue, yellow and green and have the shape of bunny heads. Multi-colored bead chain bracelets are worn around the wrists, with fingerless, white gloves that have pastel pink colored trims.

Sweet Cream Rabbit Frills

A wide, pastel purple colored skirt with three underskirts; each skirt has a different colors and each skirt has frilly ends. The colors of the skirts are; pastel green, pastel pink and white. Underneath the skirt, a frilly, rainbow colored layer is worn. Parts of the pastel purple skirt are tied together by sky blue ribbons and pink bows. Around the hips, a bright pink bag with a pastel yellow bunny-shaped emblem is worn.

Sweet Cream Rabbit Socks

A pair of pastel colored socks in the colors of pink, white, pastel blue, pastel green and pastel yellow. The socks almost reach to the knees and show stripes in the above mentioned colors. White penny loafers are worn combined with the socks. On each loafer, two bows are attached, which are pastel pink and pastel yellow colored.

Happy Sticker Brooch

A hair pin that shows two white colored rabbit ears, that each have a pink colored, flower-shaped earring. To the hair pin, pastel blue and pastel green, frilly fabrics are attached. A big, bright pink heart is attached to the pin right underneath the rabbit ears. Bunny-shaped earrings come with the hair pin. Each earring includes a white feather.

In addition, white wings appear when the idol wears the Happy Sticker Brooch. These wings are surrounded by rainbow/pastel colored sparkles, which have the shape of stars. The wings themselves have a pink gradient and show bright pink and yellow stars and hearts. They are attached to the outfit by two heart-shaped crystals.


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