Sweet Dolly Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
First Appearance (DCD)Part 4
Sweet Dolly Coord (スウィートドリーコーデ) is a rare, cute coord from the brand Crystal Queen. It debuted in part 4 of Aikatsu: Galaxy!


Sweet Dolly Dress

A white-pale pink gradient silk dress with sky blue and mint green pearls making up small flowers all over it, and it's also decorated with white frilly print. Separating the skirt from the chest portion of the dress is a bubblegum pink ribbon decorated with white frills going around it. Comes with a white necklace with a rainbow flower on it.

Sweet Dolly Pumps

Pearl pink pumps decorated with pale pink sparkles. Worn with white stockings that are decorated with a band at the ankle that is made of small alternating sky blue and mint green pearls.

Dream Beret

A pink beret with a pastel rainbow flower drawn on top of it, connecting to a single tiny vine. Pale pink-white lace circles the middle to resemble the petals of a flower with a bow attached to it. Comes with green stud earrings with gold chains and a small rainbow flower hanging from it.