Sweet Lollipop (スイートロリポップ Suīto Roripoppu) is a cute-typed brand introduced in Aikatsu! Passion Stars. It is also Manami Hanae's favorite brand. The concept of the brand is inspired by candies, particularly lollipops. Its main users are Manami Hanae and Yuna Yoshida in Season 1. The top designer is Miss Lollipop. Its special appeal is Cutesy Lollipop Flash.


Sweet Lollipop is a candy-based brand that was founded in Japan. It is designed to make the user look sweet like lollipops and feel like eating delicious sweets.


Miss Lollipop--her real name is Sayuri Aihara--created the brand for her granddaughters and the young girls of her neighborhood; she was inspired by her and their love of lollipops. She decided to call the brand Sweet Lollipop after her nickname Miss Lollipop and to combine her love of lollipops and designing. The brand quickly grew in popularity when Cotton Candy Lolita 5 wore it in a concert.

Brand Concept

Created by Miss Lollipop, this brand has motifs of lollipops. The Sweet Lollipop brand will give you a feeling like you've eaten delicious sweets! Wear this brand on stage with smiles and energy. Show off your sweet, cute side to the world!

Known Users

Top Designer

The top designer is Miss Lollipop, but her real name is Sayuri Aihara. She is also a candymaker and makes handmade candy; she owns a candy shop called Aihara Sweets. She gets her nickname for her love of eating and making lollipops by the kids in her neighborhood. She speaks in an old-fashioned manner and is kind and gentle to others, but also gently teases others. She likes idols who shows off their sweetness and cuteness such as Manami Hanae and Yuna Yoshida.



Known Coords


  • The brand's mascot is Lollipop-chan.

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