Sweet Present Coord
First Appearance (Anime)???
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Pikari Hoshizora
Sweet Present Coord (スイートプリゼントコーデ Suīto Purizento Kōde) is a normal coord by the cute brand Candy Ribbon. It shares its design with the Cute Present Coord.


Sweet Present Blouse

A sugar pink striped blouse with a white piece of ruffled tulle material at the center, held by two pale pink-colored candies. A tulle miniature vest in two layers with shoulder straps is worn over the upper chest with the top layer a pale pink color and the bottom is white. Bubblegum pink cream lines the top. A light pink and white themed ribbon rests at the center with a white frilled badge pinned to it that depicts a thickly lined, lavender pink heart to match the lavender pink lining on it. Comes with elbow-length, ivory-pink gloves with a pale pink, light pink, and white ribbon wrapped on each wrist. From the wrist to the arm cuff is a ribbon of lavender pink and pastel pink lined by light pink and white. The cuff is composed of candies and pale pink sprinkles.

Sweet Present Skirt

A pastel pink, four-layered skirt with pale pink sprinkles accenting and bottom. There are stripes on the second and third skirt layers and comes in pastel blue, pale purple, pale orange, apricot, and peach. Around the bottom is white lace tulle with a pink tulle design on top of it. A light pink and white ribbon and bow design traces this with the candy design at every angle.

Sweet Present Boots

Light pink striped boots with pink sprinkles on each toe holding a single candy on it. Going up the center of the boot is an ivory tulle design. Pastel pink sprinkles trace the top of each boot with a light pink, dark pink, and white frilly ribbon.

Sweet Present Hairpiece

A bow of pastel yellow and light purple with pale yellow sprinkles on it. The candies are pastel purple. The bow also has a tulle of white and pale pink.