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Tachibana Sora

Tachibana Sora
SeasonLove Live! Mirai!
Home PlaceHizashi
DebutChapter 1: The Beginning of Our Very Future!
Idol Info
SchoolMekurumeku All Girls Academy
 Tachibana Sora is one of the main characters in Love Live! Mirai!. She is a 17 year old second year attending Mekurumeku All Girls Academy. Her theme color is light red.

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Character Introduction
Helloooooo! I’m the one and only, Mekurumeku School Idol Sora Tachibana♡

Or if you want, you can call me SoSo. But I don’t really go by that nickname, so you can just call me Sora-chan. Or maybe Tachbana-san? Or even better, Tachibana-sama♡
Is that too much for you? Hehe. Sorry.
Have you heard the latest news? A new idol group came into town! And they’re known as the magnificent []!
And I’m in it!
I’ve always felt born to be on a stage or something, so being an idol helps me fulfill my future dreams♡
...Do I sound self-centered?
I-I’m sorry. Sometimes I’m like that. I don’t want to be, but I do come from a family of fashion and society. They all love the spotlight and fame, so naturally I was born that way too. I’m a little diva♡
I’m so glad I got to meet everyone in []. It’s made a big impact on me♪ I’m sure it will help me when I become a famous diva actress, or a spotlight singer, or maybe continue my idol legacy!
Dreams are really important to me...♡
So, can you support us?
Thank you♡
Remember me, okay?