Tanaka Miku
田中 未来
Tanaka Miku
SeasonAikatsu ☀ shining over heaven
Hair ColorDark Blue
Eye ColorSky Blue
Idol Info
AuraSilver chains with golden curls
BrandChain & Heel
SchoolKaguya Academy
School CoordTeal Princess Coord

Tanaka Miku is one of the main idols of Aikatsu ☀ shining over heaven and a student of Kaguya Academy. Miku is a known song actress and dancer. She is worldwide known for her 'feminine curves', which embarrasses her everytime. After all, she's just a student. Despite being a second year middle school student, she acts pretty mature but can also be very stubborn.


  • Name: Tanaka Miku
  • Name in Kanji: 田中 未来
  • Name in Hiragana: たなか みく
  • Name in Katakana: タナカミク
  • Date of Birth: August 28th
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Age: 14
  • Gender: Female
  • Attitude: Stubborn, Mature
  • Type: Sexy
  • Theme: #1F75FE


Though being a mature student of the Kaguya Academy, Miku is also pretty stubborn. The fact that she is known for her 'feminine curves' embarrasses her everytime someone mentions it. She preferrs to work alone since she thinks other would just slow her down. But the truth is that she just feels lonely sometimes, but doesn't want to admit it. Adding to that, she hates being called cute, since it doesn't fit her "mature image".

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Tanaka (田中?) - Tanaka comes from Ta (?) meaning "field" or "rice field" and Naka (?) meaning "center". So Tanaka means "center of the (rice) field".

Miku (未来?) - Miku is a Japanese name which's meaning depends on the Kanji used. In this case, the kanjis 未 and 来 are used. 未来 (mirai?) means "future".


  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo.