Tanzanite Evening Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Part 2Debut (DCD)
Tanzanite Evening Coord (タンザナイトイブニングコーデ) is a sexy type rare coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Tanzanite Evening One-piece 

An elegant royal blue dress with dark violet ruffles on the bottom, with a large violet ribbon on the back. The back of the ribbon is decorated with three small blue jewels. It comes with silk lavender gloves, each decorated with one violet. It also comes with a necklace with tanzanite gems cut in the oval cut, and the center gem lined in a thick silver design.

Tanzanite Evening Pumps 

Blue pumps with a hint of violet. Two violet flowers are worn on each side of the strap, which is also the same shade of blue as the majority of the dress, and the flowers each have a white jewel for their center. The heels of the shoes are black.