The Teamwork Audition (ティームワークオーディション Tīmuwāku Ōdishon) is a Shooting Star Academy tradition in which first-year idols audition to be duo units; it is held every year. The purpose of the event is for the new students to show off how compatible they are in duos. The audition was held in Episode 2 of Aikatsu! Passion Stars.


Only first-year students are allowed to participate; 12 year olds were not allowed to participate, but this was later changed. To audition, a first-year student must pair up with another. Idols are judged based on the harmony and compatibility between each other. The winners will be put together in a unit and be given unit coords just for them.

Known Participants


  • Miryoku and Ayana participated in the audition before Gekijou and Naomi came to Shooting Star Academy and lost which was why the former did not want to befriend anyone afterwards until Episode 3 and onward.
  • Manami did not participate in the audition despite being a first year because of her age.

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