The Blind Princess' Radiance
Episode 3
Episode Information
Opening Empress Glow
Ending Wings of the heart
Episode Guide
Visiting Day, and a New Beginning
I want to become your muse!
The Blind Princess's Radiance is the 3rd episode of Aikatsu: Wings of Radience. The insert song in this episode is Moonlight Etude.


It's been about a month since Madeline received the Blind Princess Coord, and she thinks now is the perfect time for it to be seen by fans once again. But instead of just going out and performing with the coord, she wants to do something special: she wants to perform the Heartbeat Masquerade special appeal: Shining Mirage. But in order to do that, she'll have to embrace the true radiance of Heartbeat Masquerade and the Blind Princess coord. Can she really prove that she has the perfect radiance to pull this off?

Episode summary

Aikatsu: Wings of Radiance episode 3 transcript

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