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SuccessorAikatsu: Dream!
The Moon Rises is a prequel OVA series to Aikatsu: Galaxy showing Madeline's idol life during her first year at Polaris Academy, which was before she became the top idol. The creator of this OVA is SingMeloetta.


The Moon Rises Episode 1/Transcript

Madeline Sycamore was a normal girl from Hokkaido who had always wanted to become an idol, but never expected to go as high as she is now. For some reason, that comes as a surprise to a lot of people. After all, isn't she considered a prodigy who seemingly mastered her entrance audition? Well, that's true, but only slightly. But truth be told, Madeline wasn't as always as good as she is when she's expanding the world of Aikatsu once again. This is the story of how Madeline rose to the top of the idol world.

Episode List

  1. New Moon
  2. Crescent Moon
  3. Half Moon
  4. Full Moon
  5. Blue Moon

Main Characters



School Coords

Other Brandless Coords

Crystal Queen

Angely Sugar

  • Pure Ribbon Coord

Spicy Ageha

  • Red Ageha Coord

Featured Songs

  • Idol Activity!
  • Trap of Love
  • Signalize
  • Move on now!
  • Moonlight Etude
  • Start Dash Sensation


  • This is the second OVA on this wiki.
  • The DCD equivalent to this OVA is part 0, which is the demo of Aikatsu: Galaxy!
  • Most of the episodes are named after the phases of the moon, while the final episode is named after an American idiom which means a rare occurrence.