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Intro: Madeline Sycamore was a normal girl from Hokkaido who had always wanted to become an idol, but never expected to go as high as she is now. Because truth be told, Madeline wasn't as always as good as she is when she's expanding the world of Aikatsu. This is the story of how Madeline rose to the top of the idol world.

(The episode begins with the view of a warm spring day in a rural town, with a young Madeline riding a purple bike. When she arrives at a small house, she sets it down on the back porch)

Madeline: I’m home!

Ayako: Welcome back! Oh, that’s right, I have something for you!

Madeline: Are those… No way!

Ayako: Yup! Your very first Aikatsu cards!

(Ayako smiles and hands the cards to Madeline. They are the Milky Lemon Cardigan, Lilac Lace Skirt, and Pink Bootie with Ribbon cards)

Madeline: Thank you thank you thank you! But, why are you giving me cards? It’s not even my birthday.

Ayako: Madeline, I think you and I both know that you’re ready for your debut.

(Ayako gives Madeline an Aikatsu Phone. Upon loading, it shows a screen for the phone’s Image Girl Audition) 

Ayako: Madeline, I want you to take that audition and run with it!

(Ayako goes back inside the house, Madeline turns on Aikara and the background music for Idol Activity! begins to play)

Practicing my dancing until the sun went down on Hokkaido, I was sure that if I kept practicing like that every day, I would pass the audition with flying colors.

(The day of the audition. Madison is shaking, and has a nervous look on her face. She’s called to standby, and changes into her cards and gets on stage.)

Announcer: Entry number 11, Madeline Yukimura!

(Madeline smiles and the music starts)

Sā! Ikō, hikaru mirai he Hora, yume wo tsurete

 (Madeline accidentally kicks herself in the leg a little, causing her to stumble)

Pocket ni hitotsu, yūki nigirishime Hashiri dashita ano michi

(Madeline then face plants on the stage, but quickly gets back up)

After that however, I somehow stopped tripping over myself, which was good enough... I guess.

(It then shows a picture of Madeline finishing her performance, smiling and waving to the audience)

(After her audition, Madeline is seen speed walking out the building with tears in her eyes. Ayako than walks over to her.)

Ayako: Madeline, why are you looking so down? Didn’t you like your audition?

Madeline: I’m sorry. I… the audition was a disaster.

Ayako: Come on Madeline, it couldn't of been that bad, everyone was a little nervous! And besides, is this the way the future top idol should act?

Madeline: But how can I not? I was an absolute disaster up there.

Ayako:  Madeline, just you wait, they'll call with good news soon, I just know it! 

Outro: Of course, they never did call, but I am glad I kept with my idol activities, as this was only the beginning. 

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