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Intro: Madeline Sycamore was a normal girl from Hokkaido who had always wanted to become an idol, but never expected to go as high as she is now. Because truth be told, Madeline wasn't as always as good as she is when she's expanding the world of Aikatsu. This is the story of how Madeline rose to the top of the idol world.

(Madeline is sitting in class, listening to her homeroom teacher talk)

Teacher: For the upcoming first year fashion show, you are all expected to wear your favorite brand. The public's eyes will be on you, so try your best!

Do I want to do this? I know I love Angely Sugar, but at the same time, is this really the right time and place? It's my real debut after all.

(Class lets out for the day, and Madeline walks around the courtyard deep in thought.)

Augustine: Ma cherie, it's been a while! Ah, but what's with that look?

Madeline: Augustine, I have a problem.

Augustine: And what is, Princess?

Madeline: I like Angely Sugar, but being around all those other idols who made Spicy Ageha look so pretty has made me, well, reconsider my decision. I know that they're nothing alike, and I know an idol's favorite brand is important, but for some reason I just can't choose!

Augustine: Maybe you don't have too. You could just make a good coord!

Madeline: I could, but from what? Angely Sugar and Spicy Ageha have completely different styles.

Augustine: Well, I'm sure you'll find something soon! Good luck!

(Augustine leaves and goes back to his house)

(Madeline scrolls through her cards on her Aikatsu! Phone urgently)

Madeline: Oh? Well this is certainly an idea...

(Madeline looks at her Ageha Red Dress and Pink Pumps with Lace Socks and smiles, looking at the resulting coord.)

(It's now the day of the show, and we see a montage of other idols performing using Loli Gothic, Happy Rainbow, and Futuring Girl respectively.)

Madeline: The other idols were all spectacular! But now, it was my time to shine.

(Madeline goes to the dressing room, puts her coord in the slots and arrives on stage. The song starts and she dances)

Kodomo datte iu ni wa, fukuzatsu sugiru kono mune wa

Setsunakute hajikete shimai sō

"Dokoka he tsuredashite?"

Watashi kara anata he to

Shikaketa no wa koi no wana yo

Shisen sorasanaide

(Madeline performs a Good Coord Appeal)

Sō daitan na watashi ni narukara

Anata no konomi no senobi no heel de

Heibon na hibi wo kakedaseba

Subete ga kirameki tomosu

Ne daitan wo watashi ni oshiete?

Kore ja tarinai no mada hikiyosetai

Mo jōdan ja sumasa renai omoi

Te to te ga furetara, It's Trap of Love

(The song ends and the crowd claps as she walks off the stage)

Elle: So she was able to perform a special appeal again. Maybe she'll be able to catch up to me quicker than I thought.

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