Tropic Bubbles is a pop type brand that was first seen in episode 5 of Aikatsu! 5. The brand's top designer is Its main user is Shinju Mizushima.


Feel the warmth of the tropical ocean breeze move with you on the stage. Feel like your drifting in a relaxing Coral Sea in our clothing.

Known Users 





Rare: ★★

Premium Rare: ★★★

  • Sunny Mermaid Coord★★★
  • Watercolor Poseidon Coord ★★★
  • Girly Seashell Coord★
  • Coral Reef Coord ★
  • Tropical Reef Coord★
  • Rainbow Shell Coord★
  • Neon Pearl Coord★
  • Fish Party Coord★★
  • Shiny Bubbles Coord★★
  • Raindrop Blue Coord★★
  • Calm Wave Coord ★

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