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Tsukino Hotaru
Tsukino Hotaru
SeasonLove Live! Mirai!
Home PlaceHizashi
DebutChapter 1: The Beginning of Our Very Future!
Idol Info
SchoolMekurumeku All Girls Academy
Tsukino Hotaru is one of the main characters in Love Live! Mirai!. She is a 15 year old second year attending Mekurumeku All Girls Academy. Her theme color is deep yellow.

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Character Introduction
Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Hotaru Tsukino. I’m a first year at Mekurumeku All Girls Academy. It’s an interesting name, to say the least♪

It’s like the name came out of a cute idol anime!
This is Japan of course, so it would make sense.
I’m a big fan of rhythm, especially rhythm games~ That is what got me into music. No, not the rhythm games, I mean rhythm itself~. I feel quite coordinated as well. Though, if I listen to music while I work, I feel 100% sure to get distracted. And when I get distracted, I could probably stay up until 3am in the morning without realizing I haven’t got my work done.
It’s pretty bad sometimes… But I’m pretty good with schoolwork.
Becoming an idol was something I never would have thought of. I just can’t do it. I’m a normal girl… I’m not very talented. And so, I wasn’t sure at all if I could do it…
But look at me now♡
If I never chose to be an idol, I wonder what I would be doing right now.
Well, that concludes this introduction! Please support us♪