Twinkle Princess Stage Outfit
AppearanceUnknown Yet
AbilityAdds a sparkly Aura to the performance
UserHoshizora Seiya-chi

Twinkle Princess Stage Outfit (トゥインクル・プリンセス・ステージ服?) is one of Hoshizora Seiya-chi's official stage outfits. The power of the Stage Outfit is to add a charming Aura to Seiya-chi's performance.


The Twinkle Princess Stage Outfit consits of a light blue once piece with a star at the height of the chest. The star is attached to the dress by pale pink, dark blue and white ribbons. The dress has puffy sleeves, which don't cover her shoulders. It also includes white gloves with blue ribbons. The skirt of the dress is light blue, light the upper part and has blue roses and pink ribbons attached to it. The shoes of the Outfit resemble Cinderella's glass slippers with white and blue ribbons tied around the user's legs. Adding to all of that, the user also wears a silver tiara with a blue sapphire.


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