Twinkle Violet Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
First Appearance (DCD)WoR Part 1
First Appearance (Anime)Legendary Heartbeat Masquerade
User(s)Madeline Sycamore

The Twinkle Violet coord is a Normal cute type coord from the brand Crystal Queen. Madeline first wears this in the Aikatsu Radience Wings episode Legendary Heartbeat Masquerade during her performance.


Twinkle Violet Sleeveless

A sleeveless periwinkle top covered in white sparkles. On the lower half of the shirt, it turns into a sky blue color. At the very bottom of the shirt it splits into two rigid ends.

Twinkle Violet Bubble Skirt

A layered periwinkle gradient bubble skirt that is covered in many small white sparkles.

Twinkle Violet Boots

Periwinkle boots with baby blue frill at the top.


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