Ume Hanamura
SeasonAikatsu! 5
Birthday DateJune 6
Hair ColorOrange
Eye ColorPink
DebutSensation Student! The Silent Flower
Anime DebutAikatsu! 5
Idol Info
AuraOrange Flowers
BrandAurora Fantasy
Ume Hanamura (梅花村) is a first year middle school student attending Starlight Academy. She is a cute type idol who uses Aurora Fantasy. She is from Aikatsu! 5


Ume has long orange hair that reaches her waist whenever it's down. However, she usually wears it in a single ponytail which is held together by a barrette with three flowers on it. She is usually seen in the Starlight Academy uniform, but when she is outside of the academy, she usually dresses in floral prints.


Ume was originally shy and didn't talk to anyone unless she needed too, and this combined with her love of Aurora Fantasy gave her the nickname the Silent Flower. As soon as she met Kokoro and Tsukiko however, things changed as she started to open up to them more.


Ume was very quiet originally because she did not have very many, if any friends at Starlight Academy. When other students began to notice this combined with her love for Aurora Fantasy, they cane up with her nickname: The Silent Flower.


Ume means plum

Hanamura translates to "flower village"


Tsukiko was one of her first friends at Starlight Academy, and they took their first special audition together. At first, Tsukiko, like all the other students at Starlight Academy, though she was always quiet. However, when the two got to know each other better, they became very quick friends.


  • Sign: Gemini