Hello everyone, I've been wondering if there are still people who have problems with editing wiki templates. So I decided to make a little guide how to do that. Since there are three ways to edit pages, I will include all of them, starting with the VisualEditor.

NOTE: The example pictures were taking from the Fandom of Pretty Cure Wiki! However, it is on every wiki the same and works the same.

Visual Editor

  • First, open the VisualEditor. Then, search for the template.
  • Then click on it and a puzzle piece should be shown. Next to the puzzle piece is the name of the template visible.
  • Click on that and a new subwindow opens.
  • There is where you add the content to the template.
  • After you finished everything, click on "apply changes".
  • At last, same your changes by click on "save changes"

Classic Editor

  • First, click on EDIT and the page opens.
  • Then a green puzzle piece is shown, which represents the template. Click on the puzzle piece.
  • Then a preview of the template shows up where you have to click on "edit" (see picture two)
  • Then a subwindow opens where you can add the content to the template.
  • She the difference by clicking on "Preview"
  • If you are finished, click on "OK" and save the page by clicking on "Publish".

Source Mode

Editing templates on the source mode is both harder and easier than the other options.

  • First copy the content from the template page to the source mode.
  • Then add the content to the sections (see expample picure two)
  • See a preview of your work by viewing "Desktop" or "Mobile".
  • If everything looks like you want it to be, publish it.

I hope this will be helpful to someone <3

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