Violet Heart Coord
Anime DebutEpisode 14: Unison Resound Prime
UserHisakawa Hoshi

Violet Heart Coord (バイオレットハートコーデ?) is the school coord used by Hisakawa Hoshi in Aikatsu Stars!. It was first used in Episode 14: Unison Resound Prime.


Violet Heart Blouse

A white blouse with shoulder free, puffy sleeves and a violet vest worn over it. The vest has white laces and is tied together. A lilac colored tie is tied around the neck with a golden heart brooch, holding the pieces together. Comes with purple wrists bands. The end of the vest has lavender frills on each side, a light midriff can be seen.

Violet Heart Skirt

A big violet skirt with three layers. The first layer is shorter that the other three and works as a overskirt, purple colored. The second layer is lavender and the third is white, pleated skirt. The belt is dark blue and has golden trims.

Violet Heart Slippers

Plain purple slippers with white stockings.


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