Vivid Dreams Coord
ビビッド ドリーム コーデ
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 6
Vivid Dreams Coord (ビビッド ドリーム コーデ) is a cute type normal coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Vivid Dreams Top

A ruby red tube top, with coral red ruffles at its hem. The main part of the shirt is decorated with three cyan five point stars, which get bigger as you go up the shirt.

Vivid Dreams Skirt

A dark pink semi-ruffle skirt that is worn with a dark blue belt that has "Vivid Dreams" written in white in a small font on it. Hanging from each side of the waist is a charm, on the left a cyan star connected to the waist by cyan beads, and on the right, a yellow heart connected to the waist by yellow beads.

Vivid Dreams Boots

Brick red knee-high boots that are decorated with several small pink, blue, and yellow hearts, peace signs, and purple crescents. The boots have a ruby red heel.

Yellow Dotted Ribbon

A large, neon yellow bow with white polka-dot print. Comes with gold stud earrings with a blue and yellow bead beneath it, attached to a flat yellow sphere with melon and white lines on each one.