Yukieo Watanbe
Yukieo Watanabe
SeasonDevils little Angel
Birthday DateDecember 1st
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye Colorgreen
RelativesMother and younger sister
Anime Debutepisode 1 -song of a true Angel
Voice ActorTBA
Singing VoiceTBA
Idol Info
Auraorange around her body with fire red abound her with pink dimonds
" come on take charge and be someone that you really are"

Yukio is one of the sort-of Main characters in Devils little Angels anime series,she is the second newest Angel series and in the new generation


Yukieo has long wavy blonde hair with a pink bow she has blue eyes like the ocean whe nshe transforms her hair turns yellow and her eyes turn into the ocean sky color


greatly respected by her teammates and they often come to her for advice.great at taking charge of any situation and always thinks about what is best for her,her friends and her team she has much responsibility and can take things more seriously than they have to be; with some coercing she can break out of her rut and learn to have more fun


Yukieo she debuted in episode 1 ,she was born in japan she always has good grades in school A,'s and B's she always was on-top on the class she met Ai when she was in high school they were hitting it off great when suddenly she is a 1st year student how will it turn out find out of Devils little Angel


she has A's and B's in her class

she has blonde hair and blue eyes

she a first year student

she debuted in episode 1

she want to be a therapist