White Rose Noble Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
White Rose Noble Coord (ホワイトローズノーブルコーデ) is a sexy rare coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


White Rose Noble Jacket

A jacket of midnight blue with elbow-length sleeves, lined in white. The collar, cuff, and lapel are dark blue with white lining and accenting. while on each hip is a silver strap with two large buttons sewn to it. Comes with a pair of white gloves. Sticking out of each glove is a piece of white lace.

White Rose Noble Bottoms

Midnight blue pants with dark red lining going down them, and a white rose pinned to the top of the right side of the pants.

White Rose Noble Boots

Midnight blue boots. Around the ankle is a white cuff lined with frills and gold designs. The cuff is midnight blue with several white roses lining it in a circle. The heel is navy blue.

White Rose Mini Hat

A black cap with dark blue ribbon tied around the middle, lined with tiny white frills. On the side is a white rose sewn to the middle of the bow. Comes with silver dangle earrings with blue diamonds hanging from the bottom.