General Rules

This are the general Rules for the wiki:

  • Be nice to everyone and don't steal other people's work.
  • Don't post smut or something like this.
  • Please try to write everything in proper grammar and spelling.


When communicating with other users, you must abide these following rules:

  • Flaming: No attacking other users with threats or hate.
  • Spam: Do not post repetitive or very irresponsive messages
  • Language: Please refrain from using too much bad language.

Edit Wars

  • Do not claim dominance by reverting back to your edit if it gets undone by another contributor.
  • You may make a dispute to the editor about their claim if you feel concerned. Please be honest and nice in your claim.


  • Vandalism is the act of defacement and will not be tolerated.
  • Vandalism includes removing content and replacing content with inappropriate edits.

And Most Important

Do not steal the ideas of others!