Winter Snow Magic Coord
RarityPremium Rare
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 1: The Middle Child's Rise to Fame
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
Winter Snow Magic Coord (ウィンタースノーマジックコーデ Wintā Sunō Majikku Kōde) is a premium rare, cool type coord from Magical Seasons. It is Fuyu's Four Seasons coord.


Winter Snow Magic Top

A corset-styled top of white on top and light blue on the bottom, covered in a pale blue snowflake print. On the side of the lower torso are dull pieces of blue material lined in pale blue with two gray straps on each section. Two small pieces of material lined in dark blue hang from the top portion with a small silver stud holding two silver chains. At the neck of the shirt is a gray choker with a sapphire gem hanging from it on a silver base with a frilly bow and ruffled piece of material hanging from it. Around the top of the chest is a dull light blue sort jacket with puffed shoulder sleeves. The chest is lined with a row of tiny buttons and tiny frills, while the sleeve is cut in a way to reveal two other pieces of material, including a blue layer with a pale blue snowflake print on top of a white ruffled layer. A single strap with silver studs hangs beneath the right shoulder.

Winter Snow Magic Skirt

A long white ruffled skirt with light blue string sewn on top of a piece of white material sewn around the hem. On top of the skirt is a layer of dull blue material lined in gray, cut in the way to reveal the layer beneath it. A single silver chain hangs from each front corner to the back. The layer beneath this is a shorter, pale blue floral petal-like layer lined in dark blue with gray string over it. At the bottom of each point on the top layer is a crystal diamond on a silver base.

Winter Snow Magic Shoes

Light blue shoes with a tiny piece of white frilly material lining the top of the foot. Two straps cover the foot and end behind the ankle, which has a blue strap with a little white snowflake attached to it, each with a small crystal gem. The light gray bottom includes a wedge heel. Comes with white stockings with a pattern of light blue diamonds.

Winter Snow Magic Mini Hat

A dark blue miniature hat with a royal-blue ribbon tied around it lined with white frills. A white snowflake is sewn to the center. Comes with long dangle earrings with a crystal hanging from the bottom; each earring is dark blue and is shaped like a snowflake.