Wonderful Sweets Coord
ワンダフル スイーツ コーデ
BrandCrystal Queen
Wonderful Sweets Coord (ワンダフル スイーツ コーデ) is a rare, cute type coord from Crystal Queen.


Wonderful Sweets Blouse

A blouse mostly colored sky blue, with white stripes going down the middle. A print of various snacks cover the shirt, consisting of swirled cookies, checkerboard cookies, strawberry shortcakes, pudding, and chocolate covered cookies.

Wonderful Sweets Skirt

The skirt is powder blue. On the skirt are shortcakes, parfaits, macarons and ice cream. The hem of the skirt is lined with slightly lighter lace.

Wonderful Sweets Shoes

Powder blue shoes. The bottom and heel is dark brown. Comes with white tights that have a light pink and powder blue polka-dot pattern all over them.

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