Yamabuki Sakuya
山吹 さくや
Yamabuki Sakuya
SeasonAikatsu Sparkle
Hair ColorBlack (dyed)
Eye ColorPurple/Pink
Anime DebutEpisode 01
Singing VoiceNanase from AIKATSU☆STARS!
Idol Info
AuraRed and White Jewels
BrandDisco Night
Partner(s)Yamazuki Kaguya
SchoolStarlight Academy
School CoordBlue Night Coord

Yamabuki Sakuya is an idol appearing in Aikatsu Sparkle. Sakuya is an energetic and wild idol, who came from Dream Academy to Starlight Academy. Sakuya is passionate with all she does and is a skilled dancer. Her primary brand is the cool-typed DiSCo Night


Sakuya has black hair that reaches to her shoulders and become spiky at the end. Her eyes are multi-colored; they are pink and purple colored. She usually wears her Starlight Academy uniform. When being in public, she wears black boots that reach to her knees and blue jeans of which parts of the pants are ripped off. She wears a dark red tshirt of which a little part is stuffed into her jeans. On the dark red top is usually a black heart on which "星空" is written in white color. She is usually carrying a bag that hands crossways down from her left shoulder. Adding to that, she usually wears red glasses.


Sakuya is a rebellious young girl, who hates being called cute. She likes to take challenges even when she knows that she can't win it. She also hates losing. However, she can be more caring too. She relies a lot on her best friend and needs quite a lot her help, especially when it comes to her personality. Sakuya is also a very skilled dancer


  • Yamabuki Kaguya: Kaguya is Sakuya's younger twin sister, who used to attend the Dream Academy. After Kaguya showed her the advantages of Starlight, Sakuya transferred to school in order to be closer to her sister again.
  • Tsukino Sayaka: Sayaka is Sakuya's role model. Besides her and Kaguya's dream of becoming idols, Sayaka inspired Sakuya's dreams quite a lot. Sakuya even uses the brand created by Tsukino Sayaka.


Yamabuki (山吹?) - Yamabuki comes from Yama (?) meaning "mountain" or "hill", combined with Buki (?) meaning "blow" or "blast". Yamabuki is also the Japanese name for the Kerria japonica, also known as Kerria.

Sakuya (さくや?) - Sakuya means "blooming night", coming from Saku (?) meaning "blooming", combined with Ya (?) meaning "night". However, Sakuya can also mean "last night" (昨夜?).


  • Saki shares her singing voice with Kurosawa Rin.
  • Sakuya and Kaguya are the first idols to wear leg warmers in their school coords.
  • Sakuya and Kaguya are the first Aikatsu! idols to be twins.
  • Sakuya's idol theme color is midnight blue.