Yellow Galaxy Coord
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 11 (cameo)
User(s)Hana Hiragi
Yellow Galaxy Coord (イエローギャラクシーコーデ Ierō Gyarakushī Kōde) is Hana Hiragi's school coord.


Yellow Galaxy Top

A lemon yellow gingham blouse with a big fuchsia ribbon at the collar of the blouse. At the center of said ribbon is a large magenta button. Leading up to the ribbon is three smaller pink buttons. The rim of the skirt is slightly lighter in color and ruffled.

Yellow Galaxy Skirt

A lemon yellow skirt that features a fuchsia plaid pattern. The skirt's thick waist band is lemon yellow and features a large fuchsia four point star on the right side.

Yellow Galaxy Sandals

Lemon yellow sandals that have small fuchsia bows on the top of the strap, and feature a fuchsia bow connecting the base of the sandal to the strap.