Yoko Kiyomizu
Birthday DateDecember 11
Hair Colorpale blue
Eye Colorblue
Idol Info
AuraWhite crystal hearts and diamond dust
BrandEmerald Magic
SchoolKaguya Academy
School CoordBlue Princess Coord
Yoko Kiyomizu is a cool type idol who uses the brand Emerald Magic. She attends Kaguya Academy as a first year student, and is the roommate of Chika Suzune.


Yoko has straight, light blue hair and cobalt blue eyes. Her hair goes all the way down to her waist, and is usually left un-styled. She usually wears her school's uniform, but when she is out in public, she usually wears a light blue short sleeve T-shirt with a star on the front, and a light blue striped pleated skirt, along with white ankle socks and black Mary Jane shoes.


She is easily fascinated by many things, and fell in love with the Aikatsu system's wide variety of fashion. Because of her easily impressed nature, she is a fast learner, and is believed by some to be a prodigy. Although most academies are supposed to rival each other, she was one of the idols who wrote a letter to Madeline Sycamore of Dream Academy in hopes of using her newly designed brand, Emerald Magic.


Before her audition into Kaguya Academy, Yoko had been enrolled in many classes for the classic arts, and it was only when seeing a picture of a famous idol that she decided that she wanted to change tracks and become an idol instead. She began to take dancing, singing, and acting classes, and quickly became her town's equivalent of a local idol, and then auditioned for the school as it was not far away from the town that she was popular in.


Chika Suzune- Her roommate.


Yoko (瑛子) Yoko comes from Yo (瑛) crystal, sparkle of jewelry, and Ko (子), which is short for kodomo, meaning child. Yoko translates to crystal child in English, referring to her favorite brand.

Kiyomizu (清水) can be read as pure water, refferring to her theme color of blue, with Kiyo meaning pure and mizu meaning water.