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Yozora Mikan
夜空 ミカン
Yozora Mikan
SeasonAikatsu! B&W
Hair ColorLigh pink
Eye ColorPink
Anime DebutTBA
Idol Info
Aurapink flowers
BrandAurora Fantasy
UnitShooting Star
SchoolStarlight Academy
School CoordPastel Pink Parade Coord

Yozora Mikan is a cute idol appearing in Aikatsu! B&W. Mikan is a cute idol who also is active as an actress. She usual plays the childish characters. Her primary brand is Aurora Fantasy.


Mikan has curly light pink hair that reach to her hips, she usually keeps them opened when being in her school uniform, which she is most of time. Her eyes are pink. When being in public, Mikan ties her hair into a low ponytail, hold by a big white ribbon with a daisy on it. She wears white sunglasses that she usually never really wears. She keeps them more like an accessory. Her outfit consits of a shoulder free sweater. The sweater is white and has a light blue heart on it. She also wears a dark pink skirt. She wears black ankle boots with light pink socks that reach to her knees.


Mikan is a cute idol who sees everything as a fairy tale and likes to act like a princess. However, she doesn't act spoiled and selfish, like a princess-like idol probably would. She is usually referred as the princess of oranges, due to her given name. She is usually very cheerful and kind but it’s pretty easy to make her cry or feel bad.


Yozora (夜空?) - Yozora comes from Yo ( yoru?) meaning "night" and Zora ( sora?) meaning "sky". So Yozora means "night sky".

Mikan (ミカン?) - Mikan means "Mandarin orange". However, it can also mean "sweet taste" (味甘?).


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  • Her last name is pretty similar to Akari's.
  • Mikan is the first cute idol in Aikatsu! B&W.
  • Mikan sometimes calls herself "Mikan-hime".
  • Mikan's room mate is Mikami Akemi.
  • Mikan's Parade Coord is similar to Hinaki's.